Below are links to videos supplied by Gerard Van Loenhout (Anke's husband)

Kuilboer Family Reunions at Moergestel

1994 to 2019

Dit 'video-document' heb ik gemaakt over de opa's en oma's van mijn kinderen. Het zijn verhalen uit de oorlog verteld door Marius Gooij (1924-2006) die als jonge dwangarbeider te werk werd gesteld in een fabriek in de wijk Spandau in Berlijn. Marius vertelt over de leefomstandigheden, de zware bombardementen, de bevrijding door de Russen en de voettocht terug naar Amsterdam in 1945. Dorus van Loenhout (1918-2008) vertelt onder andere over zijn leven als soldaat tijdens de mobilisatie in Reek in Brabant, de oorlogsdagen op en rond de Grebbeberg, de slag om Arnhem, Dolle Dinsdag en de bevrijding door de Geallieerden. De andere hoofdrolspelers zijn Anna Lourensse (1921-2015) en Lida Kuilboer (1931)

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I made this 'video document' about the grandfathers and grandmothers of my children. They are stories from the war told by Marius Gooij (1924-2006) who was employed as a young forced laborer in a factory in the Spandau district of Berlin. Marius tells about the living conditions, the heavy bombing, the liberation by the Russians and the hike back to Amsterdam in 1945. Dorus van Loenhout (1918-2008) tells about his life as a soldier during the mobilization in Reek in Brabant, the war days on and around the Grebbeberg, the battle of Arnhem, Dolle Tuesday and the liberation by the Allies. The other protagonists are Anna Lourensse (1921-2015) and Lida Kuilboer (1931)

Marius Gooij working in his factory

(Anke's father)

A website by Michael Kuilboer with links to photos of some off the Dutch Families that lived in Hamilton. The links are to the families of A & J Kuilboer, J & C Rijnders, B & T Kuilboer, B & G Harberts, C & B Schlaghecke, J & K DeNatris and H & P Goossens. The photos are those on my computer, most taken by my parents but also some that have come from other people. Each family has albums that include all photos of the family and also each member (including some spouses).

Old photos prior to 1972.

Most of the photos were taken by Alf and Hanny Kuilboer or others but there are also many photos that have been given by family friends. The quality is as scanned or given. They have been recorded digitally for prosperity.

There are five groups named K's Old Photos Pt 1 -5. There is explanation for each part at the start of each collection. There is some duplication because some photos were scanned as photos and later as negatives or even slides.

Sorry but they are mostly uncatalogued so if you have any information about them please provide your feedback to Michael Kuilboer at mitchiekuilboers@gmail.com. Please use the file name in your feedback to identify the photo - thanks